Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So little time so much going on this last couple of weeks.
~ this is a little back handed but I am so glad the company party is over, I love it but... it is just so stressful and so much work.
~ the GAME!!! I make the company play one game and I love it, oh so much fun.
~fifth Sunday = sleeping in!
~flip flops & hoodies ~perfect transition weather where i can wear flip flops & hoddies together perfectly (when i get to heaven it had better be weather meant for flip flops & hoodies or I am not sticking around ~as if i could get in in the first place)
~enrichment ~I am so excited for the caramel apples coming my way this october.
~fried chicken ~wholly crap $ that was good stuff
~mixed tapes ~aimes little dance mix has me missing dance party USA so much

the highest of the lights ~SPEND the NIGHTS ~because no one does a better version of a thirteen year old then me (not even macadoodle and she is thirteen.)

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The Mathews Four said...

Caramel apples? You really took me seriously? Suck-a!
Totally kidding. Do you prefer Granny Smith or something a little less tart?