Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's about getting...

No it isn't really about getting this holiday it is about giving and I have some fun projects I have been whittling away on for the last couple of months ~this year the family is doing mostly homemade Christmas which has turned out to be a bigger challenge then just shopping at amazon ~go figure.
So what ever I get this year will most likely be something all wrapped up in lovie homemadeness ~but Santa can't make something homemade, that's just crazy and well mom doesn't have time to make something homemade for everyone so I thougth I would just throw a couple of helpful hints out here on the internet for Santa & my Mom to find...

Amy Butler has this really cute bag pattern that I could make ~

My pretty knife block needs the empty holes filled up and I think this might really help ~
Oh and because I have had oh so much fun the last couple of years sewing from her pattern book I think it is about high time I make the treck to Conneticut and hang out with Denyse Schmidt ~Mom you could come too~

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Midge said...

I want that knife so bad. When I made cornish pasties with my friend Jemma she had that knife and I've been thinking about it ever since. I need to put it on my christmas wish list too.