Friday, December 05, 2008

More Holiday Music?

Okay so now that it officially the holiday season ~which I would like to brag I didn't gain any weight over the Thanksgiving break ~even though I ate more pumpkin pie then could be considered good for you, but I have decided that pumpkin pie is a vegetable so it was all about getting five servings a day. I am totally behind on my gift projects and now listening to Christmas music 24/7 okay not really because some times I watch TV ~30 rock was good last night. Part of the fun of the holiday music is I go old style and listen to it on CD ~instead of my usual MP3 mode of music listening. So when I open holiday music box I get these little treasures that only come out once a year ~plus I am really bad at organizing my MP3 in a usable way.
Anywho... here is an other little music favorite for you from me ~listen to the lyrics they are not happy which is sort of why I love this song ~the holiday sometimes are about letting your self feel sad, but hopeful.

Oh and I love this musical too ~


Amy said...

I love Christmas music, but like the modern twist on the classics. There are some great new compilations this year.

Did you watch Grey's last night? There was a certain message of using "the secret" to get to do a surgery, it totally cracked me up!

Lucy van Pelt said...

Aimes, I totally cracked up when Yang mentioned the Secret, too! So funny.

And is that little girl in the YouTube video about the saddest girl you've ever seen? I'm not feeling the Christmas joy any more.