Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not my idea, but a good idea...

Okay so last night I had this party thing that I was at (aka enrichment) and there were all these desserts and I am sure lots of them were really lovely ~but I didn't eat any of them, but I had one bite of Amy Williams dessert because the table was full of pushers making me taste it. Okay is was really lovely ~but I stopped at one bite because I am a grown up and I can do that (at least I try to tell myself that over and over every day.)

Eggnog Pie ~can you stand it. So I asked her how she made it, oh it's just vanilla jell-o pudding with eggnog instead of milk, a little whipped cream topping it of with a sprinkle of nutmeg to make it seem festive. ~how smart is that, all the loveliness of eggnog without the creepy texture issue ~really is something that thick meant to be drunk?

If you need a more official recipe than that the Jell-o website has one ~but they gussied it up and made it a little more tricky in my opinion


Hannah said...

Go you for not indulging in but one bite!

I think Linc would kiss my feet if I made this pie. I love how easy it is even though I will get kudos for a big production!

Ingrid said...

My brother-in-law says that eggnog is the only recipe received by divine revelation! I hate it so thick too, so I dilute it halfway with milk. Much better. My kids think that is the way you are supposed to make eggnog, mixed with milk. Haha-- they'll never know!

Well, here are my 2 suggestions:
1. Try SILK egg nog. Made with soymilk, way less fat, way less sugar, and way less thick. Now THAT is divine revelation!
2. Come on over and try some of my made-from-scratch egg nog (which I haven't made yet but I will and then I'll call ya!). After reading the scary ingredients list on the eggnog carton, I have determined to learn to make my own. Sans rum, of course. ;-)

Erin said...

Eggnog is meant to be drunk. In all its thick and delicious glory.

boisegrammy said...

Whitney should love eggnog because that is what I lived on for the 6 weeks I had my broken jaw wired shut while I was pregnant with her. Actually it was eggnog milkshakes that I made from scratch. Yum! I can't stand the stuff you buy pre-made. I always make it myself and it is not thick.

Midge said...

I made this last night for dinner, well dessert, it was a big hit, even non eggnog fans liked it. I put lots of whip cream on top which helped mellow the eggnog intensity. but Yum, thanks for the recomend.