Tuesday, March 31, 2009

project one...

I have several squares of flannel cut out and binding all made to make these great super quick baby blankets for friends having babies...

The really sad part is I have about 10" of hand sewing left to go on one of them and it has just been sitting there for six or so months.
If you would like to make this project you can find it in this great book that is oh so inspiring Patchwork & Quilted Gifts.

projects on parade...

Okay I am no Molly Brown but I hate admitting when I am licked ~but I have to do I have to say it. Uncle!
I so admire all those blogs of busy moms who manage to get all of these lovely projects done and meals on the table and they take these amazing photos of them and give you all of this helpful information about it so you are equally inspired and can learn from them, because mom's are amazing teachers ~I know I have a mom.
Anywho I have decided to blog about the project that I have meant to get done ~because there are plenty of those lying about my place ~and well to be honest (don't read this dad) some of them are even hidden at my parents house. What can I say I am inspired by you, moved by you, convinced by you, that I too can sit down one weekend and make a quilt, a skirt, a knitting project, upgrade something so it looks like it came from anthropologie instead of target, make a meal and take photos of every little step... but I can't so I won't.
I will however continue on with what I do best ~collect projects and I will share them with you yeah! So now you have something to look forward to on my blog ~well until I get tired of this too because well that's clearly how I roll as you are soon to find out.

Monday, March 30, 2009

my tiny apartment...

All I can think is my apartment has got to be too small because, as much as I would like these people to come in ~they won't.

I mean sometimes they will throw a little help my way and a call will come through while I am at home and I am always able to call out ~they are thoughtful about my emergency needs like that. So if my phone goes straight to voice mail or you are tired of playing phone tag with me on a Saturday ~it's not me it's my people, sorry.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my oh my a little pie...

When the Pie Ferries come to your house they leave a note on the pie so you know it is for you and that they aren't just storing pie in your fridge for other people... I love the pie ferries especially when they bring you one of your favorite pies that you have been thinking about and craving a little bit.
Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie ~a favorite of mine from eating Sunday dinners at my friend Bonnie's house, her grandmother use to bring this for dessert every once and a while.