Monday, March 30, 2009

my tiny apartment...

All I can think is my apartment has got to be too small because, as much as I would like these people to come in ~they won't.

I mean sometimes they will throw a little help my way and a call will come through while I am at home and I am always able to call out ~they are thoughtful about my emergency needs like that. So if my phone goes straight to voice mail or you are tired of playing phone tag with me on a Saturday ~it's not me it's my people, sorry.


Rager said...

I've been told by coworkers that those guys don't have the best coverage where I live either. It's the west side prejudice where I live.

The Mathews Four said...

Stage 1 has begun. This is always how a RS President breaks up with her ward. First she "screens" our calls... then she moves. ha ha!

Love you!