Monday, April 13, 2009

three or thirty and three...

So I love to peek into blogs and see what people are up to so when I saw this at the Pink Picket Fence I wanted it, I had to have it, nothing else would do for my Easter skirt...
So here is what I wore on Sunday after a couple of late nights.

It was too silly for words and only really went with my cowboy boots because it doesn't go with anything ~the whole thing was frighteningly unflattering but too much fun for words ~oodles of complements accompanied the skirt ~and no one noticed the new hair color. I am not too sure I will ever wear it again but I loved it for the occasion.
Oh and you will be glad to know ~I didn't have a stitch of this in my stash ~all purchased, i am a project disaster ~oh well.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

project six ~to pick up sticks...

This really cute fabric was going to be a reversible dress for my sweet neice Fi for her Birthday last year ~she has an early summer Birthday so nothing works better than a summer dress for such an occasion ~plus the reversible part of this dress makes it perfect for those days that the popcicle gets away from you but you still need to look clean ~easy enough you just turn the dress inside out and you are good to go, your skin just gets a little sticky maybe. The really sad thing about this dress ~oh it has the seams sewn ~it has about a half hours worth of sewing and pressing that needs to be done to have it ready to wear. But the real tragedy is my sweet neice had a total growth spurt as children tend to do and there is no way it is going to fit this next summer ~oh so crappy.

Monday, April 06, 2009

project five & dime...

If you look under my work table you will find a couple of really cute tins that I carry projects in while I am working on them. This cute little tin is holding my collection of green fat quarters that I am going to use to make my new duvet cover that is going to match my room here in my new apartment (or two year old apartment, new when I started.)

So the pattern for these is random green fabrics is called summer something or the other ~I don't know for sure because I have looked online and can't find ~but I don't really need the pattern because all you do is cut out a bunch of white squares and applique the green circles on to them and then sew them all together ~really I am not sure why someone would need a pattern for such a quilt.
I clearly don't need the pattern because I have no idea when I will actually attempt making this quilt ~but oh I do love all those green fabrics.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

project four...

Ahhhh, homemade Christmas ~it sounds so nice and I love planing all the projects ~well here is one that didn't even get started before Christmas and well as you can see it has taken an odd direction...
Okay what you are looking at in this pictures is one gauntlet finished and the second one almost done ~and they both have issues so I will be making a third one to see if it works for the gift I am trying to make. My friend Erin once again has a pair of these and they are beautiful and I want a pair for myself ~the ones you see above are my attempt to make a pair for my Granny. Pair number one are huge ~they are too long for even me and Granny is tiny so I know they won't work for her ~so at some point I will make the second one and gift them to a much taller friend that will have long enough arms to work in them. Pair two ~I hate the way the colors look once they are knit up in this project which is impossible to see when you are looking at variegated yarn. So it looks like this might be more of a next Christmas present and it will be interesting to see if the second one ever get's knit up on these.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

project three...

This is one of those really sad projects I have several of ~oh yeah it's all cut out I just need to sit down at my machine for about the time it takes to watch a movie and I will have a new skirt ~but I haven't which is really sad because I really want this skirt ~plus the other fabric in the back is to make a second skirt out of this pattern for my niece, I wanted to be nice but now it's just sad.
The pattern is the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt ~I am making the teared skirt my friends Erin & Kara made the A-line version of it and the one time I got to meet Amy she was wearing the apron version over jeans ~and totally pulled it off, but would you expect anything less of the girl who designed it?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

project two...

Alright the road to hell is paved with good intentions... and I am traveling.
So for Christmas I got this great bag pattern that went perfectly with this bag pattern that I already had. I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to make this out of and searched high and low for it all over Boise at over the holiday and finally found it on etsy at a great price. I then got all the parts I need for it and it was more that I wanted to spend on luggage but I was going to look so great when I got off that plane with my matchy matchy carry on bags it was going to be a fabulouse homage to bygone earas of when people travled in style.
I really wanted these bags to go with me to the Crazy AZ for presidents weekend ~but as you can see I haven't quite made it there just yet. Well I made it to Arizona and had a great time that I didn't blog about even though I made myself take photos so I could but you can read about the trip here if you want to.