Monday, April 06, 2009

project five & dime...

If you look under my work table you will find a couple of really cute tins that I carry projects in while I am working on them. This cute little tin is holding my collection of green fat quarters that I am going to use to make my new duvet cover that is going to match my room here in my new apartment (or two year old apartment, new when I started.)

So the pattern for these is random green fabrics is called summer something or the other ~I don't know for sure because I have looked online and can't find ~but I don't really need the pattern because all you do is cut out a bunch of white squares and applique the green circles on to them and then sew them all together ~really I am not sure why someone would need a pattern for such a quilt.
I clearly don't need the pattern because I have no idea when I will actually attempt making this quilt ~but oh I do love all those green fabrics.


Jam said...

My stash of green fat quarters is going to be a quilt of trees someday. I'm afraid that is the closest to "going green" I'm getting. I think we have at least 2 greens in common. I love green.

Hannah said...

Those are all so cute. It makes me scared to start quilting though, cause I have a feeling I would collect!