Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nerdy Quilt Vacation...

Okay so this year for my birthday I tricked my mom into going on an adventure with me. I have total and utter quilting crush on Denyse Schmidt I love her fabric and her designs I have been slowly and surely working my way through her book of designs since I picked it up four years ago. I am currently working on my seventh project from her book and will try to post it when I finish it up this weekend.
For now here are the photos I took of the class.
The first thing we did was work on a block where we would just grab scraps of fabric from a bad and add them to the block it was all about moving quickly and not over thinking it. Mine is the block in the upper left hand corner.After that first run we talked about what we did and didn't like about the technique and then tried it again. My block is in the upper right hand corner.

~then we had lunch I had a lovely sandwich with cheese, pesto and roasted peppers, an apple and very crispy potato chips.After lunch we worked with a piece of fabric we brought cutting it up into strips to see what adding a continuous theme to the squares could bring the project together.
These are mine. I like things in a small scale and I decided to finish on time so I could chat up Denyse, she signed my book and we talked about her patterns and the book.These are moms. I like the way the stripe works with this technique.
Here is what the felt wall looked like with every ones up there to be discussed.

I loved this trip I love hanging out with Denyse working with her assistant Richard seeing her studio and understanding her design process a little more. Also there were 11 of us in the class and everyone was really great really smart and talented there were a couple of teacher, a running coach, a girl who works for etsy, a child psychologist and some professional moms ~one of my favorite careers. I really like the idea of more free form quilting and can't wait to use it a little more.

The trip had more to it than just the quilting class Mom and I hit the summer cottages in New Port ~in the freezing cold. Then we met up with dad and visited West Point ~easily one of the prettiest places on earth they filmed the wedding scene from Hello Dolly there ~I love that movie. Then I made a quick trip into the city before heading home ~mom & dad drove home hitting their last two states ~congratulations on visiting all 50!

I have to admit ~I am thinking of the advanced improve for next year...


Orange said...

That looks like so much fun- I'm glad you guys were able to make the trip.

boisegrammy said...

You better include me again on the quilting workshop. I am the one who really needs to be forced out of her comfort zone on this technique.

watkins said...

All I can say is that I am so jealous of your little vacation!