Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday in the sun...

I am currently on my computer checking my e-mails and finishing up some Sunday business before I head into the week and I have currently playing on my itunes my "classical" mix which really should be categorized as orchestral ~some of it is isn't very classic but it is all orchestral. I love listening to classical music on Sundays it is an odd habit that my dad lovingly bestowed upon us children. "Sundays are for classical music" and that is what played on the stereo system in the house on Sunday ~mainly it was Minnesota Public Radio Sunday Music Concert Hall and sometimes it was an album. I have a love of orchestral music ~something I thought all people had until I was 17 when I was totally gobsmacked to find out my friend Joel thought it was total rubbish and never listened to it ~my response was "What do you listen to on Sunday?"
I can't name a single composer listening to their work outside of Aaron Copland my favorite ~I know I really enjoy Russian composers. I miss not going to the symphony every month like I did all through High School ~it was where I volunteered to have perfectly lovely college applications. And just like my sister Noellie I miss that sunny spot on the carpet that had its own smell and was lovely and warm where the sun shone down on it every Sunday afternoon where you would read the funnies and listen to classical music because that's what Sundays were for.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

a new decade you have got to be kidding me...

Okay in all honesty the last couple of weeks when the radio or internet was talking about something or other of the last decade I thought they were mistaken. I can't believe it has been ten years since Y2K ~oh i loved Y2K. I rang the new year in that year down on the nations mall with some random friends I couldn't name beyond my roommate Becky if my life depended on it.
I can tell you this though~ If you had told me what the next ten years would bring I would have laid down and let the crowd trample me to death. So what have I learned in the last ten year ~you can live through things you never wanted to, you are often more prepared than you think for life's challenges and yes you are stronger and smarter in your thirties than you twenties, but with that come more cynicism and fiercer independence, life is full of opportunities and failures. Ten years ago what mattered to me most is gone and I am grateful that what matters most to me now is much more real.
I can't even let myself ponder about what the next ten years might bring for fear that I will wonder into the mountains and let myself freeze to death before I even think about facing it. I will remind myself that ~I can live through things I never wanted to, I am often more prepared than I think I am, I have so much more to learn and strength to gain, cynicism to loose and independence to shed, opportunities to embrace and failures to learn from and most of all one thing that makes it all worthwhile ~love to give.