Friday, July 16, 2010

Breton *Update*

Okay because I know you are dying to know~

I went with the LL Bean Brenton Striped Shirt ~did you know they were referred to as Brenton Striped Shirts ~I didn't until now that I am sporting mine but really not so much because it is a little warm for the thick 3/4 length sleeve shirt right now.
I purchased both the land's end one and ll bean one invited my friend marce over and had her give me her two cents worth. ~i liked the stitching better on the land's end but the ll bean had a much more flattering fit ~so i went with it.

Expect to see me on a cool summer morning sporting my brenton look that will be awesome sort of like this...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

World Cup it's a big drink right?

Okay so if the Netherlands wins on Sunday I will win the office pool!!!
I am so excited about this possibility I am taking no chances~
I will be wearing orange everyday until we win the game~
On Sunday I will be eating dutch babies for breakfast~
And most importantly I have a good luck charm ~my favorite Dutch baby Mac-a-doodle!

Isn't she a good sport to play along with her aunt!
If you want to play along too you can make Dutch Babies for breakfast too~